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Consistently Delivering Measurable Performance

Providing UK based Telemarketing Services to major brand companies for over 26 years

Business & Consumer Choices Ltd have been the market leader in providing Telemarketing, Telesales and Call Centre Services to major brand companies for over 26 years. Business & Consumer Choices Ltd simply deliver results whilst presenting our clients' brands both passionately and professionally. We offer a wide range of Telemarketing services across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

Business & Consumer Choices Ltd have been established since 1989 and continue to be a market leading provider of call centre services. Our extensive range of telemarketing services deliver measurable results for a wide range of blue chip clients within the
B2C & B2B sectors.

Subscription Services

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Business & Consumer Choices Ltd provide the full subscription service from generating a sale, taking payment, setting up Direct Debits and delivering customer data in a timely and secure fashion to our Publisher’s data houses.
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Subscription Services from BCC Marketing Services

Hot Key Transfers

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Business & Consumer Choices Ltd offer clients a three way conference transfer solution, that in real time introduces the consumers to your business who have expressed a firm interest in purchasing your products or services.
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Hot Key Transfers offering clients a 3 way conference transfer 

Controlled Circulation

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Controlled circulation registration may well be about quantity, but it is also about getting the small things right. That's why we place so much emphasis on the spelling of personal names and on qualifying
job titles.
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Controlled circulation registration

End to End Solutions

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Business & Consumer Choices Ltd offer clients a complete End to End sales solution. This type of Telemarketing service is becoming increasingly popular with major brand clients who need to compete heavily within their respective industry
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BCC Marketing Services Ltd offer clients a complete End to End 
		sales solution

Skilled Telemarketing Agents

BCC's Skilled Telemarketing Agents

BCC have over 200 trained and highly skilled telemarketing agents available to handle your campaign. Our approach has developed BCC into the UK’s telemarketing partner of choice.

Dedicated Account Managers

BCC's Dedicated Account Managers

All BCC’s clients are allocated a dedicated Account Manager from the beginning. We deliver a personal Account Management service giving our clients piece of mind.

Operational and IT Support

BCC's Operational and IT Support

Operations include market leading dialler technology, conclusive quality control systems & processes and an IT division supporting bespoke campaign set ups and delivery requirements.

Senior Management Teams

BCC's Senior Management Teams

We are committed to supporting our clients and internal staff, enabling BCC to providing market leading telemarketing services.